Threshold Ramp - ADA Compliant Installation

Step 1).

It is imperative that your substrate is clean and free of debris before beginning installation. A clean, dry substrate ensures maximum adhesion.

Step 2).

Dry fit the product by placing it flush against the threshold.

Step 3).

Use painter tape to outline the ramp.

Step 4).

Remove ramp.

Step 5).

Generously apply adhesive to the substrate. For best results, apply with a caulking gun, then use a notched cement/grout hand trowel to spread evenly.

Step 6).

Replace ramp onto the adhesive surface.

Step 7).

Apply pressure to ramp evenly. Some glue may leak out onto tape.

Step 8).

After ramp is in place with adhesive, carefully remove painter tape.

Step 9).

Excess adhesive can be cleaned with the substrate or product by applying acetone or paint thinner.


- Do not use a power circular saw to cut ramp
- Use of any electrical, battery, or pneumatic powered circular saw may result in serious injury due to unexpected binding, grabbing, or pinching of ramp material

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